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"Our plane was SIX hours late! What a great surprise to find our cell phone waiting for us at the airport exactly as arranged.  You guys are terrific!"

"Three weeks and not one problem. When we return in December, you will definitely have our business"

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#1 Cell Phone Rental in Costa Rica since 2001

Nokia 2730Update: 3G has finally come to Costa Rica, and after extensive testing, we have upgraded our entire rental inventory! The new 3G system works far better than the old GSM system and much better (and more reliably) than the old TDMA phones. We rent Nokia 2730 3G phones with 2 megapixel cameras and bluetooth. We are the only cell rental company in Costa Rica renting 100% 3G network cell phones. Rent yours today!

Rent a Cell Phone in Costa Rica

Whether you are visiting or planning to live or retire in Costa Rica, you will find that having a mobile cell phone is just about a necessity.  The convenience of carrying a mobile phone for emergencies or just keeping in touch with family, friends or business associates cannot be overstated.

We are the premier location for cell phone rentals in Costa Rica since 2001.

Why?  We are the only 100% 3G rental company in Costa Rica. We offer great rates and provide great service! We offer FOUR calling plans so you never pay for more service than you need!

We offer daily, weekly, monthly, and long term rates. You can rent a high quality 3G cellular phone.  We offer quality digital technology that is reliable and convenient.  All cell phones are equipped with Caller ID and Voice Mail.  

We can even provide US and Canadian customers a toll free 800 number that will ring on your cellular phone while you are here in Costa Rica.  This is useful if you have friends, family or business associates who may need to call you and do not want to pay the high international tariffs or from internationally blocked cell phones.  See Plan 2 for this service.

About your US or Canadian Cell Phone

We get asked all the time about whether your personal cell phone will work here.  The answer generally no, and when they DO, you can get socked with a roaming charge as high as $4.50 per minute.

Have questions? Need help?

As you might imagine, we get asked a lot of the same questions from our customers!  With that in mind, we have added a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  Check it out!

If you have other questions not covered in the FAQ's, please include them in the Comments section of our Reservation Form, and we will answer them in your confirmation email.  You may also email us at sales@cellphonescr.com  or call us toll free from the USA or Canada at 1-866-865-1062.


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